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Sexy Losers

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All Members , Moderated
sexy_losers is the fan community of the dark and hilarious online comic Sexy Losers.

Note: This is an UNOFFICIAL fan community; nothing posted here should be considered to be authorized or approved by Hard Artist.

If you've had personal interaction with the creator of Sexy Losers (lucky you!), please respect his desire for privacy and refrain from posting any non-public information. And do be mindful of copyrights - hyperlinks to URLs of websites are fine, direct-links to images that are not your own are unacceptable and subject to immediate deletion.

Otherwise, feel free to discuss our favorite adult comic - Sexy Losers!

Moderated by pjammer

* On account of the subject nature of this community, it's recommended that only users over 18 participate in the threads. As there is no way to really determine whether somebody is of age or not, please use your own good judgement before posting or commenting in this community; the comic may feature silly, immature people doing outrageous things, but let's make sure that behavior stays just in the comic. :)

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